Fabulous Mountain Retreat Vacation


Heading to the mountains as a first timer could be a scary experience, but as with any vacation, a little planning makes it easier. Here is a quick guide to having a fabulous mountain retreat vacation:

  1. Plan Out Your Packing
    It may seem a little weird, but take some time to plan out your packing. Lay things out and see what it is that you need to have on your trip. Make sure things fit in your luggage. Think about what you want/need/have to wear as mountain climates can have very different temperatures depending on time of day & elevation.
  2. Look for Deals & Savings
    Keeping money in your pocket is always a good thing. When planning your first mountain retreat, take the time to find out what deals there are for traveling at certain times during the week/month/season. Sometimes lodges have special discounts available, so it never hurts to ask.
  3. Find The Right Place
    When planning your retreat, find the facility that is best for you. Nothing sours a vacation more than not having anything to do or being face-to-face with activities that are just not your thing. Call ahead and find out what your destination has to offer and shop around.
  4. Remember, it is the mountains
    Experts advise that you plan for altitude sickness. Moving up and down various elevations may not always agree with your body. Talk to your doctor and ask about what you can do to keep your health in check.
  5. Ask The Locals
    No one knows more about the area you are heading into than those that make it their year-round home. Find out what there is to do away from your lodging. Check out the “non-touristy” places that can make any get-away more memorable.
  6. Try Something New
    It’s your first time in the mountains, so make the most of it. Don’t do the same old things you do back home. Put down the tablet and take a long walk. Stop checking your email and do some fishing. Breaking out of the ordinary is what makes vacations special.
  7. Relaxation through Privacy
    The allure of a mountain retreat vacation is based on the idea of getting away. You are looking for a chance to break away from the worries of the world and be a little secluded. Life can get hectic, and finding alone time for you or your family is not easy. Crisp mountain air and scenic views away from the usual hustle and bustle is a great way to find a happy place for everyone.

Being a first time mountain retreat planner does not have to be a nerve-wrecking experience. With a little planning, research, and willingness to be bold, you will find that your next vacation in the mountains can be the trip that gets talked about for years to come.