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When Travel Becomes Therapy


A strong desire to travel and explore different parts of the world, with a camera in hand and a plane ticket in the other hand has become a severe disease and a never ending lust of wandering. However, not any harmful to anyone, wanderlust leads towards visiting new places, grasping instant knowledge, getting to know your fears, your weaknesses; it lets you enable the power of being independently happy and content.

By sitting back at home, you may have never imagined yourself on the heights doing bungee jumping, or hiking on the tallest mountains or wandering in the jungles alone, no right? But once you come out of your comfort zone and see what the world actually is in the eye of a traveller, you will get the real treat of adventure,

People who tend to travel more are known to be the risk takers and travel maniacs, whatever the situation may be, wanderlust increases the absolute risk of traveling to places you never thought you would ever hit.

At times, people were only restricted to see the travel brochures, some boring useless ads showing up cities in a complete fake style, or the travel agents who were continuously after them to make them have the travel crave. Thanks to the new era of travel blogs, articles and digital revolution that people are more likely to read their own heart and mind out and then planning their trip to certain places.

The ”want to be” travelers can now sit back on their armchair and just read more than 5000s of blogs on the internet to decide whose travel plan to follow. Wanderlust hits the one who has the true passion for traveling, consider it whatever but for travelers it is a true therapy.

At the end of the year, when you sit back and ask yourself, what great you have done this year? The answer could be that you have traveled miles just to say Hello to your friend in Amsterdam, or you visited your long distant living family in Melbourne, or you may have hiked at the top of the Everest Mountain, everything is an achievement when it comes to travel and breaking your comfort zone just to reach the place you never thought you would have reached.

So how much of the world have you explored? If not yet, then it’s time now to fly and forget all your troubles for the sake of your inner joy and peace.


Making Money With Travel Photography


If you’re an adventurer with an eye for the beauty and passion for photography, then why not combine these things and create an exciting career that will allow you to do what you love and earn money. They say do what you love, so if you love to travel, why not try and find a way to generate your income while doing it? There are a lot of people all over the world who earn thousands of dollars by traveling the world and taking photos. Every photographer has his or her own niche and it is amazing the types of salaries you will see when you scan the internet. It’s all about marking your own territory and creating a niche that people will love to see and follow. The world is changing and so do the ways of earning money. By combining your hobbies within your occupation, you will no longer be the droves of people walking to their cubicle every day from 9am to 5pm. Instead, you’ll be doing what you love, which brings out the best in anyone and everyone.

How to Travel and Make Money

Let’s throw a curve ball for the first one: consider a volunteer job that can allow you to travel the world with no money. This is an opportunity to visit exotic countries, meet a lot of new people, and see places few have seen. Volunteer work exchange programs usually come with free housing and food, allowing you to cut expenses to minimum. But, as you are traveling to these far away lands, volunteering, why don’t you take out your camera on your ‘off time’. This is where you can really create and hone your skills in order to make money as a travel photographer. It might be obvious, but working with some major media representatives, including magazines and newspapers, can be quite profitable. While demand for exotic and new culture photographs is soaring as of late, traditional journalism could well be just one of your numerous income sources.

Another way to earn money traveling is selling your photos directly to clients. Once you create a good portfolio, with various attractive images in different style, providing numerous options to potential buyers, they will contact you directly looking to buy a photo.

Becoming a travel blogger is another good option you should consider. Even if you’re not the best content writer out there, photos can add a lot of value to any site. The more you write and blog, the better you will become. Once you’ve attracted enough people to your blog, opportunities such as selling advertising space, sponsored posts and Amazon’s Associates affiliate marketing platform can get you a lot of profit, especially when combined.

Having a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profile is also quite profitable. People love seeing crazy and unique pictures on social media… if you have the right picture, it can go viral. The more followers you have, the more you will attract brands who want you to use their gear or services. This alone can generate a lot of money, provided you have created the following.

Live the Exciting Life You Want

There are numerous ways to make good money as a travel photographer, but your best chance of making a real profit is combining all of them. Don’t limit yourself to just one avenue-create as many sources of income as you can. You will soon find out that this is a special job that allows you to travel and make money. Don’t keep thinking about it, just get your stuff together and go out and do it.


Fabulous Mountain Retreat Vacation


Heading to the mountains as a first timer could be a scary experience, but as with any vacation, a little planning makes it easier. Here is a quick guide to having a fabulous mountain retreat vacation:

  1. Plan Out Your Packing
    It may seem a little weird, but take some time to plan out your packing. Lay things out and see what it is that you need to have on your trip. Make sure things fit in your luggage. Think about what you want/need/have to wear as mountain climates can have very different temperatures depending on time of day & elevation.
  2. Look for Deals & Savings
    Keeping money in your pocket is always a good thing. When planning your first mountain retreat, take the time to find out what deals there are for traveling at certain times during the week/month/season. Sometimes lodges have special discounts available, so it never hurts to ask.
  3. Find The Right Place
    When planning your retreat, find the facility that is best for you. Nothing sours a vacation more than not having anything to do or being face-to-face with activities that are just not your thing. Call ahead and find out what your destination has to offer and shop around.
  4. Remember, it is the mountains
    Experts advise that you plan for altitude sickness. Moving up and down various elevations may not always agree with your body. Talk to your doctor and ask about what you can do to keep your health in check.
  5. Ask The Locals
    No one knows more about the area you are heading into than those that make it their year-round home. Find out what there is to do away from your lodging. Check out the “non-touristy” places that can make any get-away more memorable.
  6. Try Something New
    It’s your first time in the mountains, so make the most of it. Don’t do the same old things you do back home. Put down the tablet and take a long walk. Stop checking your email and do some fishing. Breaking out of the ordinary is what makes vacations special.
  7. Relaxation through Privacy
    The allure of a mountain retreat vacation is based on the idea of getting away. You are looking for a chance to break away from the worries of the world and be a little secluded. Life can get hectic, and finding alone time for you or your family is not easy. Crisp mountain air and scenic views away from the usual hustle and bustle is a great way to find a happy place for everyone.

Being a first time mountain retreat planner does not have to be a nerve-wrecking experience. With a little planning, research, and willingness to be bold, you will find that your next vacation in the mountains can be the trip that gets talked about for years to come.


Make Your Budget Travel Guide Efficient


Have you always wanted to travel but feared the thought of spending beyond your means? Well, here is a piece of good news: travel need not be costly. Travelling is not the exclusive turf of those who can afford to pay their way through anything. Whether you are an ordinary office employee, a student or a retiree, you have every right to enjoy the wonders of this world commensurate to your financial capacity. Be your own travel guide!

Deciding to be your own travel guide will help you find resourceful solutions to the endless expenses involved in travelling. Travelling is even more enjoyable when it is not heavy on your pocket. Cheap travelling is a practice that many people are yet to master. Many travellers have been duped by expensive travel guides and travel agents, not knowing that there are actually several ways to lessen the financial challenges.

Here are ways through which you can travel with minimal costs:

  1. Find the Most Affordable Hostel

Hostels are relatively cheaper than hotels. Though structurally smaller and more cramped, they offer the same amenities and, at times, the same basic travel comforts as many hotels. If you are looking for free Wi-Fi connection, free breakfast and free airport transfers, most hostels offer these services, too. Others offer free laundry, staff-sponsored parties and a common room where guests can mingle and get to know each other.

The only things you have to put up with are space and, in certain hostels, hygiene. The trick is to do your research beforehand. Read reviews to know what previous guests think. You will have a clear idea of which hostels to consider and which ones to avoid. Lastly, be on the lookout for promos. Hostels occasionally offer discounts and other perks. A dormitory-type may be a lot cheaper, but if you want a cleaner and less topsy-turvy situation (particularly if you are female), then go for an all-girls dormitory. These rooms are usually less crowded and are more comfortable.

  1. Walk More

Travelling on a budget means preparing to give up taxis or private cars. What most comfort travellers do not understand, however, is that they are actually spending more for transportation expenses than they are for food, lodging or souvenirs. Some taxi drivers take advantage of tourists, driving them in circles so that they will be forced to pay more than what is necessary. On one hand, if you use your feet more, not only will you be able to test and improve your sense of direction, you can also see and experience interesting spots inaccessible through regular transportation. If you are not sure where to go, then read through blogs, brochures or local magazines. They can serve as your portable travel guide.

  1. Adopt a Flexible Itinerary

The worst that you can do to yourself while travelling is to be a stickler for rules. It is important to have an itinerary to keep things in order, but it is much more important to enjoy your trip and have a blast. Give a little room for unexpected adventures. Do not set your return date if you think you need more time to explore a place. Your itinerary may look great, but first-hand suggestions from locals and backpackers are the stuff that make travelling more exciting. Travel guide books and magazines may not have an inkling about these suggested spots, which are usually underrated, less crowded and far more beautiful than many tourist spots made famous by media mileage.

Spontaneity, experiencing culture, discovering uncharted territories and meeting new people – these are just a few reasons why we must travel. Stick to your budget and money will be the least of your consideration.


Change Your Perspective With Travel


Once you start traveling, you will realize the change in your life. Every experience in life teaches a new thing. Through traveling you explore; new cultures, new people, new experiences and it provides a great opportunity to discover ourselves, you learn many things through traveling and it definitely plays an important role in changing your life and the way we think. So here are 6 ways how travel will change your life.

Travel changes your perspective:

Your way of viewing your own life experiences will change by seeing the way other people live. You will not only be more appreciative for the life you have, but you will also have a new sense of wonder and understanding for other cultures and countries. You will realize that things are different everywhere in the world, you will assess your own values and this will broad your perspective.

Live in the moment:

Travel teaches you to live in the moment, whether you are seeing the pyramids of Egypt or exploring the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, it teaches you to take in the moment of awe and make the most of it. Traveling makes you stop and live in that moment, teaches us to unplug and explore new parts of ourselves.

Become more social:

When you are traveling, you have to step out of your comfort zone; you meet new people, see new cultures and face many things. So eventually you become very good at making friends out of new acquaintances. You will become more confident meeting unknowns and you will bring this with you.


Traveling is a process of increasing self-knowledge and self-confidence where you are a participant and a researcher of your inner process of growth. When you are traveling, you learn so much from your experiences, you do so much that you feel more confident in your ability to achieve your dreams. You will be home with a new, fresh attitude and ready for the new challenges.

You will become more employable:

Through traveling you can learn those skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. You have travelled the world, you have the best experiences of your life, and you have communicated with different types of people and have experienced the different situations that can actually make you more employable.

More open to different ways of life:

No country lives the same way, they have different cultures and different beliefs, but when you travel to different destinations around the world, you will see that how same we all really are. No matter how different the way they live, how different the society is, there is that inherent goodness in most people.